Argentinean Jewish community scammer

Between 2000 and 2003, Diego Kogutek began to become an activist of the Jewish community, achieving the positions of Vice President from a temple and School IONA and Secretary of the Board of Cissab one of the biggest association of the Argentinean Jewish Community. Cissabs president was and still is Eduardo Brukman.

Using these positions as endorsement, he and his wife, Nurit Spolansky, made contact with members of the community to offer investments with 6-10% return per year.

Diego Kogutek obtained savings from members of BETEL, (, CISSAB (, IONA ( , Tarbut ( , ORT, ( Buber ( and Scholem Aleichem School ( .

In 2009 Kogutek with Spolansky started a company named MoneyNet SA located in Av JB Justo 2469 7 A and B, Villa Crespo – Buenos Aires (CP: 1414) 011 4856-0665 / 011 4856-0634 / 011 4854-3421 / 0800 888 3421

For many years, they could hold the scam using the money from new investors to pay interest on the old ones. But their level of personal expenses, travel and shopping condemned the fragile architecture of their pyramid scheme. Verbally confronted by an investor in the country club CISSAB, Diego Kogutek and his brother Sebastian called off the issue under the logic of the Mafia: a fist fight in front of families and children.

The rumors of this incident did nothing but accelerate a process that was already underway and all investors started to ask their  money back.

It is worth mentioning that some of this money could still have been returned by an honest person, but Diego Ariel Kogutek was not willing to give up the smallest part of his luxurious living standards of life.

Diego Kogutek stopped answering their phones and hired an attorney named Daniel Judkevitch, he is a known member in the  temple of the Jewish community 870 camargos´ street for giving speeches about his particular way of understand “justice” .

Daniel Judkevitch called Jorge Ferdkin an specialist in fraudulent business to complete  the legal defense of this scam.

Ferdkin answered the calls from desperate investors asking for time, delaying responses and generating the time needed to let  him time finalize  the  strategy that allow to Diego Kogutek maintain their properties and assets rather than return the money borrowed from the savers.

In the contest, the savers , shocked,  discovered that creditors were curiously Diego Kogutek family: Mauricio Kogutek, Elisa Fryc of Kogutek, Sebastian Kogutek Adrian Kogutek, etc.

As if this were not enough, Diego and his wife Nurith Kogutek Spolansky began to denounce to the savers on charges of threats in order to deter their legitimate claim.

Under such a scenario of influence peddling, embezzlement and fraud, any  person, wouls think that Diego Kogutek  would leave the country, but just moved to the private neighborhood located at Camino Real Camino Real 1550, 1609 Boulogne, San Isidro. Buenos Aires.

His children still attend schools at  the Jewish community ( . They are sharing classes with children of parents who were swindled under a sinister and unsustainable situation.

Anyone would think that the «financial bussines» of Kogutek, Money Net SA, cease to operate, but recently remodeled the look of your website, ready to continue
defraud unsuspecting People.- . (



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