December 2014. Sunday sunset at CISSAB a private neighborhood from the Argentinean Jewish Community in Tristan Suarez, a City near Buenos Aires DF.

On the road beside the clubs´ swimming pool Diego Kogutek walks with his brother Sebastian when he is approached by an older man. What does the old man wanted?

The old man wants his money back. Diego Kogutek was the manager of his savings from a few years ago paying interest not from investing but from a classic Ponzi scheme.

Diego Kogutek was avoiding with some success this person and many others and now feels very ashamed at the association where he is not only a member, he is one Board member ( , a position that helped him to earn trust for this scam.

Within seconds Diego and his brother punched the older gentleman  and the rumor runs through phone calls, emails and WhatsApps.

Within days, all the “customers” started to ask their savings back.

What is the problem? Diego Kogutek doesn’t think he should return their savings


(To be continued…)


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